Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Portal Keys, Golden Keys And Silver Keys

Harry Potter Wizards

The Portal Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are essentially the equivalent of the Pokémon Go Eggs.

As in Harry Potter, opening one will transport you to a new location, with the game presenting you unique scenes, Foundables and other rewards.

Opening one is one of the first missions in the SOS Assignment ‘Fragmented Foundables narrative, so finding the locations of the Portal Keys and unlocking the Portal Keys using Golden Keys and Silver Keys as early as possible will allow you to progress.

How to get Portal Keys, Golden Keys and Silver Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

First, how to get Portal Keys? They can be found in wildlife, doing spawn in the same way as Foundables and Ingredients.

The appearance of the Portal Keys in the wild.

Portal keys have the appearance of a box with a pointed roof. You just have to touch them to add them to the inventory. If you have any in your inventory, then you can not collect it.

This is different from the way the Eggs work, the closest equivalent of Go Pokémon that is obtained by turning the PokeStops (Inns or Greenhouses on Wizards Unite) or other sources.

Regarding the Golden Keys and Silver Keys, Golden Keys is a permanent item that you will always have in your inventory, whereas the Silver Keys are a finite resource, bought in the game store with more rare means such as level up.

Briefly, you will always have at least one means of opening Portal Keys in your possession, as soon as the Golden Key is used, it will then return to your inventory.

A small tip – use your Golden Keys in Portal Keys of 2km and the Silver Keys in the Portal Keys of 5km and 10km. That way, you’ll get more value from the limited number of Silver Keys in your possession.

Another tip is to use Baruffio’s Brain Elixir (remember to use Potion Master Notes to get it faster) before using the Portal Keys after they have been unlocked, which will give you double XP.

In Pokémon Go, there are special events that reduce the time you have to walk with Eggs – by a third or half, for example – and it is possible that Harry Potter Wizards Unite does the same. Until then, you have to walk the specified distance.

How to Unlock Portal Keys with Golden Keys and Silver Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Portal keys are like the Pokémon Go Eggs – blind boxes that offer hidden rewards that only reveal themselves once you’ve walked a certain distance.

Portal keys exist in three varieties and can be found at random:

  • Prized Portkey – 2km
  • Precious Portkey – 5km
  • Paramount Portkey – 10km

Once you’ve found one, you have to unlock it once. Go to your suitcase at the bottom of the main scan screen and then the Portal Keys button on the right.

Select the Portal Key in question, then use a Golden or Silver Key. Now, walk the distance required to unlock it.

When you open the Portal Keys, it will add the encounter to your exploration screen. Because of this, you will not want to do it while you move, otherwise, it will distance you and you will lose it!

If you’re curious about how the Portal Keys work, see RaZzi’s gameplay on YouTube: