Sean Astin Nearly Directed A Film About The Fantastic 4 For Fox


While, according to an unconfirmed rumor, Marvel Studios are already preparing a reboot, let’s go back to revisiting the behind-the-scenes story of the creation of the Fantastic Four produced by Fox and directed by Tim Story in 2005.

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was still an idea in the mind of Kevin Feige, Marvel’s properties were in hand (= license) to several Hollywood studios that were trying to make as many projects as possible on these characters. Among these, of course, was the Fox that held the Fantastic Four.

After leaving Peyton Reed, Fox tried to contact new directors to bring their own version of the characters to the big screen. And today, to Collider, the actor Sean Astin revealed that he was very close to directing the film for the studio. Fresh from the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Astin tried to take the ball of success to leap to make a career as a director and screenwriter.

Although, by his own admission, he was not familiar with the characters before the script was written, Astin began large quartet research to write a script that could convince Fox to give him the project. And he almost failed, apparently.

Astin also went close to the castings. For Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman, the filmmaker proposed either the pop star Christina Aguilera or Cameron Diaz; the latter, however, immediately refused the part to avoid the long make-up sessions that the role required. For La Cosa, however, Astin proposed Michael Chiklis who – ironically – really played the character when the project changed and passed to Tim Story.