Toy Story 4: Disney Pixar Thanks Fans With A Video Montage Of The Saga’s Films


It’s been almost twenty-five years since the arrival in the theaters of Toy Story and with the imminent release of the fourth chapter of the Pixar saga, Disney has kept us to thank from the heart the many fans who grew up with her.

Mickey Mouse’s House did it by streaming a video montage with the most famous scenes and the most exciting passages of the three films in the main saga : Toy Story – The world of toys, Toy Story 2 – Woody and Buzz to the rescue and Toy Story 3 – The great escape, before introducing also the scenes taken from the fourth chapter, Toy Story 4, already landed in the American cinemas last June 21st and arriving in ours from June 26th.

In the movie, all the main characters are presented and then we move on to the secondary ones and we also see a reference to one of the characteristic places of the first film: the legendary Pizza Planet. And so on, up to the introduction of the last great character of the saga: Forky, who in the original is voiced by Tony Hale and has the very recognizable voice of Luca Laurenti with us. From here it turns completely on Woody, on his inner torment, which indicates how much this last chapter is almost exclusively dedicated to his character, putting aside all the others for a moment. Up to make clear, therefore, the ultimate meaning of the characters of Toy Story: to make children happy, “towards the infinite and beyond!”.

While waiting on these pages you can already read our review of Toy Story 4, arriving in Italian cinemas on June 26th. The film debuted with over 230 million in its first weekend of American programming. Also, Tim Allen recently said his about two possible spin-offs of the saga.