Astral Chain Thought Of As A Trilogy

Astral Chain is the next release of Platinum Games and one of several exclusive Nintendo games for Switch this summer.

It’s a highly anticipated game that promises to inject many promising new features into Platinum Games’ electrifying DNA – responsible for games like Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising.

In a recent interview with IGN Benelux, via Siliconera, Takahisa Taura, director of Astral Chain, said that this new intellectual property was thought of as a trilogy.

According to Taura, Platinum Games has created a project that can be presented in several games, but only if the first can achieve satisfactory sales and able to justify sequels.

“There are no plans to launch extras on Astral Chain,” Taura said when asked about DLC in the game.

“This is different for the story of the game. We created the game as a trilogy and this is the first part of this trilogy. If this game sells well, it may be possible to see how the story continues.”

Astral Chain will arrive on August 30th.