Youtuber “Etika” Committed Suicide At Age 29


New York police have confirmed that it has found the body of Desmond Amofah, the youtuber and streamer best known by the nickname “Etika.”

Suspicions of something wrong had started two days ago when New York police found the youtuber’s belongings on the Manhattan Bridge. There is a matter of hours the police confirmed that they found the body of Desmond to float in the East River of Manhattan.

Desmond Amofah began to exhibit mental instability in October 2018 when he uploaded pornography to his Youtube channel and was deleted as of a consequence. Shortly after, youtuber posted a message on Reddit commenting “now it’s my turn to die”.

In April 2019, police invaded your apartment during a live video on Instagram. Police were alerted by their fans after Desmond threatened to be hurt. After being detained, he was admitted to a hospital.

The last video of Etika was published last week. During the video Desmond says that “it was a fun life, but it’s fo ****”. The video has been deleted from Youtube, but fans continue to upload steadily.

In the world of video games, Etika was known for his energetic videos involving mostly Nintendo games.

The last video posted by Etika