EA Has A 7 To 10 Year Plan For Anthem

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Contrary to what Bioware and Electronic Arts wanted, the release of Anthem was not marked by success and was even involved in a number of controversies.

However, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, believes in new intellectual property and says that these early months have just been a troubled start to a plan that will last for several years.

According to Wilson, EA would stop supporting Anthem if it saw no interest in the world, characters, and gameplay, but believes in the ownership of Bioware and the plan that will be presented over the years.

” The properties last for generations and run in these 7 to 10 year cycles, so if you think of Anthem in a 7 to 10 year cycle, the beginning was not what many wanted, including our players .”

“I think the team will really get there and get something special and something fantastic because they have demonstrated that they can.”

EA expected to sell more than 6 million units of Anthem in about 6 weeks and fell short of expectations but believes in the new ownership of Bioware and its potential in the near term.

Wilson also says that Bioware will continue to focus on experiences different from those it has done in the past and hopes that they will be able to captivate new fans while maintaining the old ones.

“The teams at Bioware will continue to work every day and listen to the feedback from old and new players and to look forward to the promises they made to these players. That’s what you’re seeing with Anthem today.”