GTA 5 Online Gunrunning – New Weapons, Vehicles, Operations And Bases


The Gunrunning update is the 18th largest update of GTA Online and introduces a variety of weapons and other vehicles that allow you to cause chaos in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online 5.

With the Gunrunning update, two new bases were introduced, one of which is a giant truck, as well as totally new weapons introduced, in addition to the new operations you can find in the new bases.

This Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Gunrunning update for GTA Online, including how you access new operations, how to buy and customize new vehicles.

How to access the new contents and missions of Gunrunning

First of all, you’ll have to become a CEO, the president of a motors club, or a VIP in Grand Theft Auto Online. Next, you have to buy an underground bunker at the Grand Senora Desert. The cheapest bunker is in Paleto Forest and costs $ 1,165,000, while the more expensive version costs $ 2,375,000. These bunkers will serve as the base of operations for the Gunrunning missions.

After doing this, go to the computer that is in the Bunker that you just bought, and access the site “Disruption Logistics”. Through this site, you can replenish and sell weapons you have earned through your business, as well as manage your bunker staff, and perform Gunrunning missions.

Gunrunning’s missions fall into three categories:

  • Set-Up – These missions are free, and are used to gather the stuff you need for your bunker.
  • Resupply – These missions are your main source of materials after set-up, and you can either purchase the materials or conduct free quests to get what you need.
  • Sell ​​- Sell ​​missions are the way you’re going to sell your products and make lots of money.

Mobile Operations on Gunrunning

Mobile Operations can only be accessed through the Mobile Operations Center, a giant truck that can be purchased on the Warstock site for $ 1,225,000. Mobile Operations Center can accommodate 2 to 4 people, and you can receive the following upgrades:

  • Weapon Workshop – Allows the player to access 60 new Mk II variants, as well as more than 80 new Mk III weapon mods.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Workshop – This upgrade uses two of the three available spaces, but you can customize your weapons and vehicles to create vehicles with weapons.
  • Personal Vehicle Storage – Allows you to store a personal vehicle.
  • Living Quarters – A place for players to relax, change clothes, and start Mobile Operations.
  • Command Center – Gives access to the wardrobe, as well as the Mobile Operations Center Turret and App.

Here you will find a list of all Mobile Operations that you can access from your Mobile Operations Center, as well as the money you will receive after completing each of these missions:

  • Severe Weather Patterns – You and a friend will attack the Merryweather supply line in a custom FAV Dune with weapons, and steal the products they carry. Prize: $ 14,000.
  • Half-Track Bully – Infiltrate an enemy base, then hack and steal your Half-Track to be able to deliver it to your allies. Prize: $ 14,000.
  • Exit Strategy – Make sure airplanes can fly safely, destroying enemies with a Turreted Trailer. Prize: $ 15,000.
  • Offshore Assets – Go to the sea and retrieve the products of a sunken cargo ship while destroying the invaders. Prize: $ 16,000.
  • Cover Blown – Find a safe place while you’re being hit by missiles in your Mobile Operations Center. Prize: $ 14,000.
  • Mole Hunt – Use a custom cap with weapons to destroy a few jammers in order to find out and eliminate an agent. Prize: $ 16,500.
  • Date Breach – Steal Oppressor bikes from your enemies and deliver them to your allies. Prize: $ 14,000.
  • Work Dispute – Use Oppressor Bikes to hunt down and destroy a Mobile Operations Center, as well as retrieve company equipment. Prize: $ 14,000.

Tips and tricks for earning even more money on Gunrunning

Here you can find a list of tricks and tips for Gunrunning’s operations so you can make the most money while saving time:

  • It is best not to buy the Farmhouse bunker as it is close to Sandy Shores, a PvP war zone.
  • After buying your Bunker, buy the upgrade of Staff and Equipment for $ 1,753,500, as this will greatly increase the productivity of your bunker.
  • In the first refueling missions, it’s a good idea to steal, so you’ll save money. But in the long run, it is better to buy, as this will reduce the risk.
  • You can play the Gun running missions by yourself, but all these operations are designed to be played in co-op. In addition, you will need to buy equipment if you play alone.
  • If you want to buy vehicles with weapons, complete your missions first in the Mobile Operations Center, because this way you will get a discount.

Gunrunning new weapons vehicles

There are altogether six vehicles available for purchase in the Gunrunning update, and each of them has a different type of weapon. Here you can find a list of all these vehicles, as well as their price.


  • Starting Price: $ 3,092,250
  • Exchange Rate: $ 2,325,000


  • Base Price: $ 1,130,500
  • Exchange Rate: $ 850,000

Bravado Half-Track

  • Base Price: $ 2,254,350
  • Exchange Rate: $ 1,695,000

Pegassi Oppressor

  • Base Price: $ 3,524,500
  • Exchange Rate: $ 2,650,000

Declasse Weaponized Tampa

  • Base Price: $ 2,108,050
  • Exchange Rate: $ 1,585,000

Anti-Aircraft Trailer

  • Base Price: $ 1,862,000
  • Exchange Rate: $ 1,400,000

Weapons that can be evolved in Gunrunning

The following weapons can be upgraded to Mk II if you buy the Weapon Workshop at the Mobile Operations Center:

  • Pistol
  • SMG
  • Assault Rifle
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Combat MG
  • Heavy Sniper

All other new Gunrunning items

  • 750 pieces of clothing
  • 30 tattoos
  • 2 hairstyles
  • 7 Buker Series Adversary mode
  • Option to attach or remove the hood
  • Option to open or close the jacket
  • Added ballistic equipment
  • VIP requirements lowered to $ 50,000
  • New clothes for MC and CEO
  • Race special props
  • More than 110 bugs have been fixed in the versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One