Pokédex Drama Commented By The Producer Of Pokémon: Sword And Shield

During E3 2019, Game Freak revealed that, contrary to the motto of the series, the Pokémon games: Sword and Shield will allow you to catch some and not all Pokémon.

This news, related to the absence of a National Pokédex, which limits the number of creatures you can download from previous games, has made these two long-awaited exclusive Nintendo Switch the target of various memes and has generated immense debate.

Junichi Masuda, the producer on Game Freak, had already explained why this decision and how the existence of more than 800 Pokémon made it incredibly difficult to recreate all the creatures in a new console that will allow each of them to be more expressive and detailed.

Given a limited development time and an incredible amount of creatures, Game Freak has decided that you can only import creatures if they are in the Galar Pokédex – the region where the Pokémon are: Sword and Shield.

After this revelation and explanation, Masuda stated that he would speak later on this matter and that is precisely what he decided to do.

Through a message, posted on the official Pokémon website, Masuda reacted to the discontent of the fans, even though he has not confirmed any change or improvement.

“Thanks to all our fans for worrying so much about Pokémon,” Masuda begins.

“Recently I shared the news that some Pokémon cannot be transferred to Pokémon: Sword and Shield. I have read all your comments to appreciate your love and passion for Pokémon.”

“Like all of you, we are passionate about Pokémon and each of them is very important to us.” After many years of developing Pokémon games, this was a very difficult decision for me. is available in Pokémon: Sword and Shield, that does not mean it can not appear in future games. ”

“The Pokémon world continues to evolve, and the Galar region offers new Pokémon to find, Coaches to face, and adventures to discover, and we place our hearts in these games and hope you are looking forward to joining this new journey.”

Masuda’s message does not say anything new or concrete about this situation unless you have to deal with the reality that was presented in E3 2019.

In Pokémon: Sword and Shield, you will not be able to catch them all, only those that are compatible. However, they will be many and more expressive than ever thanks to Switch hardware.

Pokémon: Sword and Shield hit stores on November 15th.