37.5% of the classified to the World of Fortnite do not have a team


The World of Fortnite is one of the most important dates for any professional tennis player this title. After several months of qualifiers very hard, the top 200 players (100 single and 100 in a duo) have gotten their ticket to travel to New York and try to win the grand prize.

Many computers have created a specific section of Fortnite only to be able to be a part of this tournament. In some cases it has gone very well to the move and not in others too, because at the end they have not managed to qualify.

One of the most choices you have of lifting the trophy is FaZe Clan. Of all the clubs participating in the World, are the ones that most players have by far with 10 members classified between the individual competition and played for the couples.

We continue to E11, with seven, NRG with six and Cooler, Ghost Gaming, and Solary with five members. Without going to see the names of the different members of the organizations, the probability gives you a slight advantage to FaZe Clan over its rivals.

But what is really surprising, when you look at the participants that will be in the World of Fortnite, is that 37.5% of these are free agents, that is to say, does not belong to any team or organization. We enclose a chart that you have prepared @FortniteBRLive where you can see perfectly.

This percentage represents a total of 75 players without a team. This figure will be reduced as it gets closer the final date, as many organizations will try to sign any of these free agents to represent them in the great event.

The nice thing of these participants without a computer is that in the event that they get to pick up a huge cash prize it would be almost in their entirety, since they do not have any type of contract that requires them to distribute any percentage with the club.