5 New tricks Fortnite: new uses for pumps of shade, and where to eat ice cream…


Here new tricks of Fortnite that will allow you to obtain great benefits in your future games, as it can be a use that you do not know of the bombs of the shadow or the possibility of finding ice cream to regain your health.

If you want to be a pro player in Fortniteyou should always be aware of the latest tricks to take advantage of items that are just brand new in the recent updates. So you going to come in handy the following tricks and tips that you offer for Fortnite that will allow you to surprise your opponents when you can start to enjoy games in the next few hours.

Follow closely all what you have to say, because thanks to these tricks of Fortnite you will be a pro player in this season 9 still has a lot to say.

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New tricks Fortnite: how to use grenades of shadow to go around the map fast, where to find ice cream…

Use the driftboard to pass through the structures of the enemies

Thanks to the use of the hovercraft or driftboard, if you’re heading slowly toward a wall of a enemy and shoot without ceasing, you will be able to destroy the structure and enter the fortress of the opponent thus gaining the space that the normal way would be impossible.


Protects a van from reboot

If we put walls around a van of reboot we’re going to spend a lot of materials. The best way is to use a pyramid to protect yourself while you release one of your teammates. Also you can join several of the same team and together different pyramids to even protect the same van reset.


The riiiico ice cream

In the Commercial City of Colossal you’re going to find ice cream in both tables as well as for the soils that you are going to allow to win a small impulse of life. If you are used to pass through that area, and fall down injured, it is a good way of trying to replenish your battered health bar. In any case stay on the lookout for if someone tries to make an ambush.


Trapped objects

If for some reason it has been an object within the column of air from a platform of the sky, you will notice that you will not be able to pick them up and many people will lost. However, if you have your hovercraft near you, with this vehicle, yes you’ll be able to pick them up, so that you’ll be able to recover those weapons or items you thought you had lost forever.


Use the bombs of shade to walk around the map

As you well know, you can use the pumps for shade and climbing mountains, but perhaps what you have not tried is to use them to walk around the map. So that directly uses one of these pumps of a shadow, jump to the edge of any area of the map, and move on. This way you will be able to pass unnoticed and to get to any place along the map… but be careful not to fall.


Due to these tricks you will be able to get the edge in your games Fortnite to surprise your rivals. If you need help more generally with Fortnite, I also have been told how to complete all of the challenges of 14 days of Fortnite, how to get all the Fortbytes, all the challenges week of season 9 or all of the challenges of Utopia, without forgetting 50 tricks that will help you win games, the best weapons (updated to January 2019), the best maps of the Creative mode (and the codes to access them), or the best place to farmear a lot of wood and stone fast.

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