A hacker threatens to destroy Fortnite the six of July


Fortnite has been picking up a lot of fame with the passing of the months. It has become a true reference in the world of video games and goes its way in e-sports. Now, what usually happens in this type of cases is that there are people who are in favor of fashion and others who criticize it openly, to take advantage of that recognition.

There are people that are against the title of Epic Games is not something new. There was a time, not do too much, where it was common to blame you for being more addictive than cocainegenerate problems of aggressiveness…

But now there is a user who wants to go a step further. Supposedly there is a hacker who calls himself Antisnow is going to destroy most of the accounts of Fortnite eliminating all of the turkeys, the virtual currency of the game, of the accounts, the skins, the progress, the objects…

This ‘alleged hacker’ appeared for the first time in a video of Landonthat is a YouTuber that is dedicated to uploading videos of Fortnite and has over two million followers on his channel. Supposedly he got in contact with him to tell him their plans.

In one of his latest video, uploaded just a week ago, AntiSnow sent him a message through a photograph where threatened to attack the title of Epic Games, the sixth day of July 2019 and a message encrypted alphanumeric code.

This youtuber had the ability, and the luck that every detective needs, find a web page in which to put the code there appeared a phrase that seems to make sense. The message ‘superencriptado’ said that ‘no account was safe’.

Obviously, the majority of the community has not taken this course, the hacker in earnest. What is more likely is that it is a way to increase the number of people that see your videos and, in this way, get more followers.

What is certain is that it is working perfectly, and has come to convince several users that their accounts are in danger. As we have already said, seems to be a way to seek fame, and to call the attention of the audience, for an event that has prepared the next 6 of July.