Activate the “vacation mode” on your smartphone


We know that your smartphone is the most important item when you go travel, because today is an indispensable tool to perform a multitude of tasks. Sometimes, however, happen “unforeseen” technology during the holidays that could make you spend a bad time, like running out of battery, data, or memory, for example.

Therefore, Alcatel, device brand of TCL Communication, we recommend that you implement some actions to activate the “vacation mode” in your smartphone before you leave the house and anticipate to any problem that may arise, so you can relax and enjoy a well deserved rest.

  • Once you have defined your destination, investigates if you will have coverage in that area, or you need to hire an additional plan. If you need to buy a foreign SIM, check out prices online so that you have it ahead of time.
  • Download preview the materials that will be of use, from maps of the area and applications to entertainment content such as books, movies and music.
  • Make a backup of your information, contacts, photos, and videos in the cloud, so you can free up space that you don’t need the internal storage.
  • Updated the application to avoid consuming data during the trip and you set up a pattern of data consumption that will help you to moderarlos, until you find points Wifi safe.
  • Don’t forget to equip it with a charger and/or battery backup, as well as adapters, casing, protective film, key card, SIM, earphone or any other accessory for your device.

We also advise you to explore all the features that you get with your smartphone so you can use it to the fullest and to capture the best moments of your vacation. For example, in the section photo Alcatel 1Sbesides the application of the bokeh effect using the portrait mode and scene detection by artificial intelligence, you can also activate HDR mode to balance the lighting of your photos with backlight, continuous shooting, panoramic photo, use filters in the way beauty to improve the composition of the image, and even take pictures while shooting a video.

These summer holidays, enjoy them with a Alcatel 1S memory 32GB ROM/3GM RAM, processor of 8 cores, Android 9.0 Foot, cameras 8MP/16MP + 2MP, battery 3,060 mAh, print reader and face unlock, which will be available at a price of $2,699.00 pesos to the 03 of October.

-A Press release.