Destroy Grills Bbq – Challenge Last 14 Days of Summer ” we are talking about Gamers


Unfortunately for fans of Fortnite and, especially for those who enjoyed the 14 Days of Summer, this event is time-limited comes to an end. Today we have met with the ultimate challenge, which is to find and destroy Barbeque Grills that are dealt the length and width of the map in Battle Royale.

Location of all Barbeque Grills

To complete this challenge in a satisfactory way, players must destroy a total of 7 grills throughout your game. As you can imagine, doing this without having any idea with respect to its location can be really complicated, so that we want to teach you all the points of the map that you have to go.

Look very well at the locations of Grills that we leave then and take advantage as soon as possible to the rest of the players.

Location Barbeque Grills Fortnite

We hope that this article has been helpful in your search and that you had an enjoyable experience completing the challenges of the 14 Days of Summer in Fortnite. If you have been to any pending, then we’ll leave you a list with all of our guides about this event for a limited time.

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