Father let his son play Fortnite all day instead of go to school




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Although in many parts it still persists the stigma that playing video games will not lead to anything good to the people; the reality is that such entertainment is currently very profitable, thanks to professional tournaments, alliances with companies and others; not to mention that in several countries this activity is recognized as a sport and a profession. Within that spectrum we place Fortnitethe title of fashion that even though it is frowned upon for being children, have a professional community is important, so much so that a parent decided to pull out of the school to your child to pass all the day with the game of Epic Games.

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That is the story of David and Jordan Herzogthe father and son who have been involved in this activity. In an interview, David explains that his son has always been really good at video games, even though you have 14 years, this has had a control in his hands practically all of his life; to the 7 already was one of the best in Halo and 2 years ago won the bag of your first tournament. Hence we decided to support him in this profession, taking it out of the school and leaving that game Fortnite by spaces of 8 to 10 hours a day, with their respective breaks.

To demonstrate all of your support, we bought her son a PC of 30 thousand dollars with which I could play without problems, has cancelled various activities with the aim that this can train without pressure, in addition to pay for regular classes online. All this has borne fruit, as Jordan, who is well known in the world of videojeugos as “Crimz”, has managed to win about 60 thousand dollars as a Pro Gamer, although he’s still missing a lot.

Pursue Fortnite is as dedicate to other professional activity

Something that bothers me to David is that many people are questioning your decision and that of his son, considered that if it were another thing as to devote themselves to the arts or traditional sports; would not have so many criticisms, but as they are video games, they point out that you are abusing the young; however, he notes that it is only a matter of perception, as in your case, I would not let Jordan play Football, as he believes that it is dangerous.

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However, Fortnite it is not the only activity in Jordan; by his account, he opened an online store where she sells all kinds of merchandise related to video games the same factory; this, combined with their gains esports, as well as the salary of their father, allow them to live comfortably. To give you an idea, it is one of the 15 best sellers on eBay and was able to buy a Maserati with your gamertag on the plate.

It is worth mentioning that such a practice is not without risk, although in the case of Jordan and David is one of relative success; not everyone can have the luck of becoming Pro Gamer or have a family as understanding. Our recommendation is that you play, try it; but do not abandon your work or studies, this by if your foray into the scene competitive is not what is expected.

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