First images of the Giant Robot that is built in Fortnite to fight with the Monster of Peak Polar


A while ago the monster that was trapped in the iceberg Peak Polar escaped and has since caused havoc on the island while they wait to attack again. Despite not having been seen completely, it is speculated that the size of the beast is huge and the island is already preparing its defense mechanism, never-before-better said…

It is a giant robot, which allegedly will fight in a battle of the titans with the monster, according to the speculation of the users that are dedicated to search for files and to follow the time line of what happens in Fortnite.

The Plant of Pressure, located on the Volcano, has been transformed into a Factory Robot to open its doors and you can see how to make a robot suitable for face of the monster. The images are eloquent and show the size of the building, which apparently is being manufactured by a drone.

The creation of the robot already reaches up to the calves, although it has been discovered that there are still stages to complete: torso, bicep left, bicep right and left forearm are the next steps in their creation.

Will you be able to the robot defeat the monster? It only remains to wait to see how it develops the final event of Season 9 of Fortnite, but expect a colossal battle.

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