Fortbyte #34: how to get it in Fortnite between a fork and a knife


fortnite battle royale challenges of fortbyte season 9 fortbyte 34 is located between a fork and a knife

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Fortbyte: How Do you get the Fortbyte #34?

One of the additional tasks of the Season 9 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Battle Royale is to get 100 Fortbytes in total to unlock a wall and decipher a mystery. For this we have to go by completing the challenges of Fortbyte, which consist in finding Fortbytes. On this occasion, we collect a Fortbyte going to a specific point on the stage. In this section of our complete guide of Fortnite we help you find the Fortbyte #34:

Fortbyte #34: how to get it in Fortnite between a fork and a knife

The description of the Fortbyte #34 in the mural of the 100 Fortbyte is the following: “It is located between a fork and a knife“. This Fortbyte is one that is not just on the stage, waiting for what we collect. We must go to this point to the northwest of Real Estates Lethal, where are the a knife and fork:

The Fortbyte #34 is located in an underground cave that connects the excavations in the shape of a knife and fork. We must enter either of these two places to give with the cave and with the Fortbyte:

To get it, just get close enough to us to appear the message that we can interact with it. This is done, we should just hold a while the corresponding button, depending on the platform on which we are playing Fortnite.

Bear in mind what I always say every time we are faced with a challenge of this kind: it is likely that there are enemy players hanging around the area. This means that you have two options:

  • Watch the area for the presence of the enemy, and id to pick up the Fortbyte once you’re sure that there is no danger.
  • You can use the area as your hunting ground particular, using the Fortbyte as bait to kill the players that go to pick it up.