Fortbyte #34 in Fortnite: How and where to find it?


We tell you what you need to do to get the Fortbyte #37 and so, to get the 100 needed. Unveils the great mystery that is hidden behind the panel of Season 9.

One of the new features that have been included in Fortnite on the occasion of Season 9 has been the inclusion of a new type of challenge, in which we will find all Fortbytes, a kind of chips that the them all together revealed a great mystery.

The Fortbytes get it, in their vast majority, getting victories, PE, or levels, in the Pass of Battle. However, some of them require to carry out special actions. Therefore, it is necessary to know certain things, which is what we’re going to treat precisely in these entries.

In this particular case we are going to show you what it is that you have to do to get the Fortbyte number #34.

Where and how to get the Fortbyte #34

“Is located between a fork and a knife”. Go, in this case yes they have been both plain. Luckily, this track says a lot to the veterans of Fortniteis not the first time it is used. Head to the cracks in the floor in the shape of a knife and fork to the northwest of large estates Lethal:

Fortnite - Forbtyte 34: location

Once there, you have to do is get “inside” of one of the two cracks, and look for the tunnel that connects the two. Should be blocked by a wooden structure. Simply break it up and in the tunnel you will see the Fortbyte.

Fortnite - Fortbyte #34

Remember that you need 90 Fortbytes if you want to get the skin secret of the Season. As you have to get a lot of PE and levels of the Pass of Battle to do this, we recommend that you go by the following challenges: