Fortnite: demonstrate to the players that use remote control have a great advantage and is not the mira-assisted


The debate about what is better in Fortnite, if remote controller or mouse & keyboard has been installed in the community almost since the game was released. The players of keyboard and mouse always complained that the look assisted is a great advantage for the players with a remote control, whose response has been that the precision and accuracy of the mouse is far ahead of what can be done using a joystick.

However, a recent test of development in the Creative Mode of Fortnite strongly suggests that players with remote really have a big advantage on the rest of the players and has nothing to do with the look assisted, which until now was the center of the discussion.

The test in question, made by the user of Reddit “Elijahyeaur” revealed that shooting a gun by using a control results in much lower recoil that the players have with a mouse and keyboardeven with the look assisted off.

Logically, many took with tweezers the famous test, since it was difficult to define the legitimacy of the same. However, the news portal of Fortnite, FortniteINTEL, conducted its own test in the game and came to the same result: shooting with remote control has much less recoil than shooting with mouse.

But what impacts this in terms of gameplay? Well, the main thing that says FortniteINTEL is that one should not draw so many conclusions from what you see in the tests, since they are not complete and conclusas and can have many variations that make this to happen in certain situations and not in others.

Nor is there any evidence that the difference in recoil really have any effect during the matches, especially considering that those that use the mouse have a way to control the recoil.

Will have to see if Epic Games mentions something in reference to this fact. As is well known, the great majority of the workers are on vacation until the second week of July, possibly until then no official response to the issue.