Fortnite: Gua de desafos Week 9 of Season 9


A night maaaas, uoooo…. say… a week ms. S, that is, Fortnite Battle Royale brings us to the ninth batch of desafos weekly. We are about to finish Season 9, with a giant robot in full building, in the Plant Press, a rubber duck circling for a ro… look, we don’t have puetera idea of what’s going to happen, as that we will complete desafos.

Rewards for completing

  • Complete 4 OF THE DESAFOS to get the subject of reward: 9.000 XP

Desafos free

Desafos Pass battle

Use a Bidn plasma or a Salpicn Healthy in separate items

Not that there’s much to say. The Bidn plasma is the object that ms would take you to use and heals life and shields (legendary, blue color and metal, it has no loss). The Salpicn Healthy is the pack “cans” added recently and which is thrown like a grenade to raise the level of life or shields and have the effect of rea.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Using a Straw is Healthy or a Salpic

You simply have to find one of one of the two types and use it in three different parties.

Visit a system of solar panels in the snow, the desert and the jungle

Fortntie: location

Get an elimination with a weapon of each type of rarity

A challenge is fairly normal and that you will need to complete without many problems Fray by computers, even though tendrs to have an eye for weapons, common and uncommon. Interestingly, these are the rarities that less usual we have done in this mode.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Weapons of various rarities

The case is that, as always, complete a phase for starting only and tendrs to go up the rarity. It is worth repeating armsyou can get for example a low with a combat Shotgun rare (blue), in the next game to use the combat Shotgun pica (purple), and finish off with the combat Shotgun legendary (orange).

Inflicts harm to the head

Self-describing. You will need to achieve it the natural way. Our favorite is the combat Shotgun in the middle distance pointed at the chestor the Sufusil of rfagas at the same point. Not fails, some of the shots reach the head. The combat Shotgun in particular has a greater precision striking and a dao very high until you get away too.

Logged chests on Albufera Peaceful or Hamlet Alegre

There’s not much to say. If you want to go fast, we recommend a couple of games Solo and go straight to the boat Lagoon Gentle. There are enough chests and nooks and crannies that afternoon in encountering an enemy. In the Hamlet be somewhat more complicated by the changes in height constants for your architecture… and so unprotected that you stay constantly.

Fortnite - Logged chests on Albfuera Peaceful or Hamlet alegre: areas of b

Eliminates enemies in locations with a name different

Self-describing. There is No greater thing that we can say to help you, as always, modes with reaparicin and insist they are your ally. Fray by teams, as always, is a good option, because in the end you are force to fight in a specific area and go changing that, so that people will be moved and tendrs ms possibilities.

Deals dao within 10 s after having landed after using a vent volcanic

The season 8 also had this challenge and become relatively complicated. Again, we can’t help you too muchbecause everything depends on several factors that are out of your control. A small trick: intntalo in Skirmish and in front of Plant Press.

Fortnite - Vent volcano

You can go bouncing off vent on vent, the that est in front of the stairs that is on the ro. Keep in mind that are 10 seconds FROM the time YOU land, the longer the flight the maximum possible to locate a dam. Obviously, you can accumulate the dao in several games.