Fortnite: Search for the rubber duck Salpicn summer


The next challenge of the 14 days of summer Fortnite asks you to give with another rubber ducky. This may not be as big as the previous one. Can.

The event 14 das of summer Fortnite Battle Royale has already started, and we have a good amount of desafos day ahead. Every one of them will propondr, as usual, a challenge thematic in keeping with the event… and also offer exclusive rewards by achieving to overcome each one of them. Prepared to give him another chapuzn?

In the challenge of today, the game asks us to find the “rubber ducky in the place hidden within the loading screen Salpicn summer”. Is a track rarely, but as always, we will give you a solution very fast to this issue.

Where to find the rubber duck Salpicn summer

Well, first of all will be to take a look at the loading screen in question. This loading screen is unlocked when you complete precisely another desafos of the event.

Fortnite - 14 d

Already what have you done? Have you seen the track? Not? Go for god, often eye ms bad that you have. Is marked with a circle blue, the bottom left: H9-I9-H10-I10. That is to say, a point that is quite a bit to the southeast, in a corner of the Oasis Ostentatious:

Fortnite: location

When you’re in the area, what you’re looking for is a baera next to a sort of small camp that is in the intersection of the four boxes that we have led the tracks of the surf boards from the loading screen. To zoom in, see the duckling was inside the baera. The problem is that you have to be the first to reach and interact with the duck or not podrs complete the challenge. S, you read well, if someone interacta with the duck, ste disappears and tendrs to wait for the next game to do so

Plantate leave it for a time when the baera is not as saturated of peoplewithin a couple of days.

Don’t forget that there are many ms desafos that you complete during the event to get pass the 14. Query the entry with all desafos of the event to be monetized.