Fortnite: solar Panels in the snow, desert and jungle


You don’t find the three solar panels needed for the challenge? We show you where to give them to complete the new challenge of Fortnite Battle Royale

This week, Fortnite Battle Royale it includes among the desafos weekly week 9 one related to renewables. S, while some have no problem with pollution, Epic makes apologa energy solar: we have that visit a solar panel in three distinct areas: snow, desert, and jungle.

Well, surely you’ve seen the panels in ms a game, but you may not remember right now. It is may have any ms, but we don’t want to disrupt your life: we’re going to show the three panels that you can visit very quickly, to complete the challenge.

Where to find solar panels

Fortnite - Location

Well, we started out by the that est in the snow, that is to say, in the southwest corner of the mapin the Glacier. Est to the west air field arcticnext to the hangars, has no loss and is completely impossible not to locate it.

For the second, we’re going to go to Oasis Ostentatiousof course. There is another desert that we can explore. Go to the area that is in the far east, to the west of the house of John Wick and vers the panels on the hill. This time they’re not about a building, only are the panels.

Fortnite - solar Panel in the desert

To find the last solar panel, you have to go to the northeast, Steps, Summer. In this case we are looking for a great solar panel on a building, it is very easy to see from the sky. Highlighted in the middle of the jungle without any trouble. For more details, the encontrars to the east of the area of the hot springs.

Fortnite - solar Panel-in the jungle

As soon as you have visited one of the panels, this will add to the counter the challenge and you can move on to find the next. Remember that it is not necessary that the three panels are going to visit in a single game, you can do it over several attempts if in a single round you it is impossible.