Fortnite: this is the new air attack of the patch 9.30


On July 9, 2019 was applied to Fortnite the third content update the patch 9.30 of the Season 9 your Pass Battle. And with it brought a new weapon for Fortnite Battle Royale: the air attack. We will tell you how it works this new object-consumable explosive below:

Fortnite Battle Royale: this is the new air attack

The air attack has come to Fortnite Battle Royale, and we will see how they react with the players before this new object to determine if it applied any changes, or if you stay a long time.

fortnite battle royale new weapon airburst mode third update of content patch 9.30

We found an air attack

It is a smoke grenade, which serves to delimit an area in which it will fall twenty rockets at random points from the sky. These rockets cause 70 points of damage to players, and 200 points of damage to the structures, so that the primary use of the aerial attack is busting bunkers.

fortnite battle royale new weapon airburst mode third update of content patch 9.30

We launched an air attack to a structure in which there are enemies, and we walk away

These are his attributes, and as you can see in the patch notes of this update of content on the web of Fortnite, Epic Games:

Air attack

  • A pot of smoke-colored throws and makes it a falling rain of missiles from above.
  • When the boat stops releasing smoke, the missiles appear after a brief delay.
  • The missiles are generated at 120 meters above the pot smoke.
  • The missiles target random points in a radius of 9 meters around the boat.
  • Generated a total of 20 missiles.
  • Each missile has a blast radius of 3.5 metres.
  • Each missile deals 75 damage to players and 200 damage to structures.
  • You can find in the loot of soil, chests, deliveries of supplies, vending machines, and flames.
  • Appears in stacks of 1 unit.
  • The maximum size of accumulation is 2 units.
  • Variant legendary.

Source: Epic Games