Fortnite: you Get a punctuation of 10 or ms in a position of clowns and carnival


Ms desafos of the 14 days of summer! This time we have to give a game enough release to overcome… or maybe not. Here’s where you find the posts of clowns

The event 14 das of summer Fortnite Battle Royale has already started, and we have a good amount of desafos day ahead. Every one of them will propondr, as usual, a challenge thematic in keeping with the event… and also offer exclusive rewards by achieving to overcome each one of them. Prepared to give him another chapuzn?

In the challenge of today, the game asks us to find at least a “post the clowns of carnival”, let’s play the minigame proposed, and get a punctuation of 10 or ms.

Where to find posts of clowns and how to get 10 points

Okay, there is that to clarify that there are several posts of clowns, but one that is very easy to locate is the Park Pleasant and another near a Poolside snack bar Scrap. We are going to decant by the second, tends to be less crowded of enemies.

Fortnite - Location

Once you’re in the area, what you’re looking for is a iron wood color, with holes all over the surface. Or what is the same, you’re looking for what you can see in this image:

Fortnite - Because of clowns carnival

Vers that you can interact with the object and, in so doing, irn popping colorful balloons of the holes. The idea is that you do exploit 10 balloons in a row. Knowrs that you have done in the previous game and that you have been looking at the marker that is to the right.

Once you’ve popped 10 balloons, these are shown much more quickly, and already be almost impossible for you to pop them ms. The challenge is completed nothing more “to lose” this game of mini-game.

Of course, you worth any set of clowns carnivaland with the Holidays on the beach have come to some platforms ms. However, it does not see much sense to tell the ubicacin of all and disrupt your life when you can fix it quickly with just get close to that sealamos and make the 10 balloons.