Full desafos weekly Fortnite: week 9, season 9


We present a guide with the location of the solar panels and other desafos.


Season 9 of Fortnite est to the end! We recommend that you put the batteries and start to work on any challenge that you have been outstanding in previous weeks if you want to take your pass of battle to the level maximum. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with the list of desafos week corresponding to the week 9. Luckily, Epic Games is not asking for anything particularly difficult, although it will probably need some help with desafos as “visit to a system of solar panels in the snow, the desert and the jungle,” that we’re talking about ms below.

Just start playing Fortnite? Get the da can be a challenge, but we summarize the key most important in this aspect so that not to miss: each week, Fortnite, is updated with seven desafos. The first three are available to all players, the other four are for the acquisition of the pass of battle, an object of payment that you can unlock once per season change of 950 turkeys.

Full desafos weekly Fortnite: week 4, season 9

You get rewards for completing any challenge, but if you cross off the seven that week, and also desbloquears a loading screen which contains a track of the so-called “challenge of Utopia“a challenge is hidden that gives you a star icon or extra. You have been stuck for a challenge of another week? Visit the gua full Fortnite with all the desafos.

Desafos free

  • Use a bidn plasma or a salpicn healthy separate items (3)
  • Visit a system of solar panels in the snow, the desert and the jungle (3)
  • (By phases) Challenge in stages: get deletions with weapons of different rarities

Desafos pass battle

  • Inflicts harm to the head (500)
  • Logged chests on Albufera Peaceful or Hamlet Alegre (7)
  • Eliminates enemies in locations with different names (5)
  • Inflict harm to an enemy within 10 s after having landed after using a vent volcanic (200)

Image of Fortnite

The majority of desafos this week are purely mechanical, so that should be very easily completed with a few exceptions. We begin by the desafos free. The first one of them says “use a bidn plasma or a salpicn healthy in separate items” very self-explanatory. You already know that it takes a long time to consume a bidn plasma, therefore we recommend to use it only when you have a lot of security (for example, in the mode 50 vs. 50, on the part allied the map).

The salpicn healthy is far more affordable: you can throw it against the ground to heal yourself, or lanzrselo to an ally. We just remind you that if you want to use an object from this class and already have health cap, you can build a structure of three blocks high, jump from the top to make a little bit of harm, and then heal.

Then we have the challenge “visit a solar panel system in the snow, the desert and the jungle.” As its own name indicates, are great platforms metlicas with reflective panels pointing to the sun. Not have loss! Under these lines you have the location of every one of them.

Image of Fortnite

It follows a challenge by stages of five steps. We recommend that you complete on the mode of 50 vs. 50 and in an orderly manner: at the beginning of the game encontrars objects white (common) green (uncommon) easily, but as time is running out to be much easier to find weapons spades and legendary in any box of supplies. Come to us, pearl!

  • Phase 1, make an elimination with a weapon comn
  • Phase 2, make a elimination with a gun little common
  • Phase 3, make a elimination with a gun rare
  • Phase 4, make one elimination with a weapon pica
  • Phase 5, make an elimination with a legendary weapon

If pivotamos until the desafos pass battle, we will see that almost all of these challenges are simple and skill. Maybe it takes a little bit of work to complete the challenge “inflict harm to an enemy within 10 seconds after having landed after using a vent volcanic”. We cannot play for you, but we recommend that you leave this challenge to the end. Just keep in mind that est ah and if at any time closes the circle in the biome of the jungle (between the boat Lagoon and Quiet the volcano) get to stay close to any of the many vents in the area, and attacks any opponent nearby. The challenge simply asks you to do 200 points of dao, so nothing happens if you do not do a low in the process.

Once you complete all of these desafos, podrs pursue the challenge of Utopia week 9. As stated in the new loading screen of Fortnite, you’re looking for a car exhibition. Go to the Shopping Center Colossal and gives with l easily on the lower floor, as soon as you come through the main gate. Sucked!

Ms: Fortnite and Epic Games.