Gamer assaulted his MOTHER, for interrupting game Fortnite (VIRAL VIDEO)


Your attitude and behaviour insolent was heavily criticized on social networks, this after starring in the worst of the scenes against a woman, who was also his mother.

Through a viral video was released the state of aggression of a young, manipulated and addicted by video games, especially for the more popular in these moments called Fortnite.

In the video he manages to appreciate the exact moment in which the mother arrives, enters the room and at the time you speak to him his son, he explodes unexpectedly and he began a verbal assault between the two; subsequently begins to throw some things around, takes a bat and hits you with all its forces, an inflatable, removing in this way the courage that’s inside.

Watch the viral video:

This material was circulated through social networking, especially via Twitter, where netizens have left their comments, mostly criticism of the young with regard to the poor education that has to face her mother.

“So what have you put in heat, asshole!”(…) “¡Me ca*or in God!”

After reading the bad comments that the users have generated to see the behaviour of the young person, the young man put forward through his official account that the relationship with your mother is very good; and how he also admitted that his reaction was not good, since a large part of their followers are children and might carry out this type of behaviour with their parents or with anyone that approach them to interrupt a game of video games; so this would be a very bad influence for them.

MarkiLokuras, as normally you can find that in the video game generated controversy after assaulting her mother, after she had entered his room to turn on the air conditioning, since it seems that there was a bit of heat and she just wanted to be friendly when you turn it on; but his anger exploded when the young man was making a streaming.

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More than 1.7 million people have played the video through Twitter, have also been generated nearly 25 thousand reactions among users; ending with more than 11.6 thousand people that are talking about the topic.