He came to Chile the collector of letters for Fortnite


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Days ago we told you of the collection of letters that had been launched Fortnitebeing Chile the second country worldwide to the that came. How evidently there is a clear level of fanaticism for the game Epic Gamesclearly would get more accessories to the collection, including a collector which turns out to be a filing cabinet is quite well-posed.

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Coverage and plastic body with rounded tips, the archive of Fortnite it is a nice approach to the younger fans or those who for the first time want to join to collect cards.

In its interior there are enough pages to 540 cards, so it is an approximate 30 pages with space for 18 cards each (9 per side). While the collection of Fortnite brings only 300 different letters, you are given the option to continue using the folder for other collections of letters or even be able to organize repeated in different colors, so you can change without problem, and maintain the order of your cards.

Another plus that brings are 30 cards in envelope 6, so that in addition to being a plus to take care of the collection, gives you a good kick start. Are 700 chilean pesos envelopes 3 letters, so if you consider to 7,000 pesos only 10 envelopes cards 3, the collector is worth around 3 thousand pesos and with this you can justify quite the investment.

We found him in a kiosk, but is also in stores, specialty shops and points of sale panini (of course the classic tabaqueria of supermarkets with albums and cards will also have). Its price around the 9.900 pesos and does not disappoint anyone.

Soon on our IG TV is a unboxing with envelopes. For the moment we leave some images of the product:

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage