how to complete all the missions and challenges


Here you have the guide with the solution to all the challenges of the week 9 Season 9 of Fortnite. If you have a challenge above a slope, here you will find the week 1, the week 2of the week 3, the week 4of the week 5, week 6, week 7 and week 8.

You can activate the function of Assistance group in one challenge per game if any are you resisting most of the account to which your team mates, you can help to make progress.

Challenges free

Here you have the challenges free this week and its solution:

  • You use a canister of plasma or splash healthy in separate items. What is difficult in this kind of challenges is, as always, the mere fact of giving with the appropriate objects. Either the tank of defense, or the new object lanzable (or both) should be used three times to complete the challenge,
  • Visit a system of solar panels in the snow, the desert and the jungle. Tap to go hiking to find the three solar farms. The first the you have to the south of the hangars of the Aerodrome Arctic, the second the west of the house of John Wick in the biome of the desert and, finally, you have the last touching the cliffs that lie to the east of the thermal pools from the volcano.
  • Phase 1: get a deletion with a common weapon. A challenge for the phases that we will be asked five deletions. To the first we must add also a with a weapon uncommon, rare, epic, and, finally, with a legendary.

Challenges the Pass Battle

And here you have the solution to the challenges of the Pass of Battle:

  • Inflicts damage to the head. Tap the practice of marksmanship to the base of headshots until you get a total of 500 points of damage. Here, as usual, the ideal is to opt for a mode with respawn.
  • Logged chests on Albufera Peaceful or Hamlet Cheery. The typical search of seven chests on two different sites, or combining what is found between the two. The only thing you should fear is the influx of users during the first few days.
  • Eliminates enemies in locations with different names. One of those typical challenges that it is better to forget and go to completing the step of the games. If last week played to do so in areas without a name, this touches just the opposite.
  • Deals damage to an enemy before they get 10s after you have landed after using a volcanic vent. The area of the hot springs is the ideal to complete it by the amount of vents there. Harness the power go jumping from one to the other until you see some confused by the zone and, then, falls to start shooting. You is worth of doing 200 points of damage.