Peru qualified for the World of Gran Turismo: “The player of Fortnite is valued, the racing virtual”


Alonso Regalado is a virtuoso player of Gran Turismo Sportand to their scarce 18 years, has become the first peruvian to qualify to the end of the FIA Grand touring Championshipconsidered the World of the popular video game of the PlayStation 4, which be held this 24th and 25th of Augustin New York (USA).

RPP News spoke this week with Regalado, who told us about its classification to the World and its beginnings in the world of motorsports virtual (the simRacing). Also launched a criticism of the little support and coverage you have this discipline in comparison with other esports.

Regalado has been classified in the two modalities of the FIA Gran Turismo Championship: the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series, both to be played in the soil of new york. As we told, this is the second stage end of the Worldafter the disputed few days ago in Germany. Then, will come dates in Austria and Japan -to which it also aspires classified-, after which there will be a grand final without even a confirmed date.

The peruvian had already achieved this milestone last year, but his involvement was denied by the organization because of that did not meet the age of majority. This will be his revenge.

Since how long you play video games of racing?
I am 18 years old and I started at 6, on PlayStation 2, with Gran Turismo 3. Hence, with Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 5 and 6and now , with Gran Turismo Sport.

How did your classification?
When it premiered Gran Turismo Sporttwo years ago, I read that they were going to do championships online certified by the FIA, the International Federation of Motorsport. So I bought my helm to participate. He was always up in the races.

But not achieved the goal.
He was among the best, but the rules said that he could not classify because he was a minor. I was 17 years old. I got sad because I knew I had the level. Not I ran the championship, but seeing the results and the people who had rated me di account that could have remained quietly among the top 10.

This year, already with the age of majority, you came back to try.
Yes, in the first stage of the year I was fifth, very close to the third place that gave the rating. I said ‘there is that pouring more punche’, and in the second stage I was third and I qualified. We are now in the third season, and there may be the possibility that I may go to Austria.

The first stage was in Germany, the second will be in New York and the third in Austria. Do the winners of each stage go on to a grand final?
Yes, they will gather the best of the podiums, the best in the world, in a race of nations. The end of the world is after, but the calendar comes out as a TBA (to be announced).

In Germany he won a brazilian. There is potential in the region, isn’t it?
I don’t know if the europeans have been frightened, but in the european region ranked the top 10, in South america only three. It seems that the above are better than those of Europe, since we restrict to 3. There is something here.

What this championship offers a cash prize as other esports?
Unfortunately, no. There are several criticisms for this, because the simRacer is not valued. Okay, what you invite to the tournament, you give him food, I pay for everything, but one is using the time of your life to go play. Then, there are many criticisms of the simRacing is not valued, not given what they deserve.

Are professional players such as Dota, PES, etc
The player Fortnite is valued, the Call of Duty is valued, but the simRacer, not yet. The simRacing is more disciplined than the Fortnite or the Dota. There is criticism there that we are not valued. But this is the first step to what comes after, I think. Hopefully it will evolve.

What are your expectations for the end of New York?
Already qualified is the first step. I’m happy. I’m going for the experience, but a good result would be a plus. Like I’m going to fight it. If I got a podium, the better.

How is your training regime up to the date of the tournament?
I study in the mornings, from 9 to.m. to 11 to.m. Lunch and I get to ‘turn’ (to try) a bit. Then I’m going to rest or study, and in the evening I put to practice from 9:00 p. m. at midnight. It is not like before that I could play all day. It was free, not studying. The time is more fair, but like I have time to practice and maintain the high level.

Are you good at driving in real life?
Yes, so much so that I have been offered tests in karts and I have done, but economics is not given for a kart of 10 thousand dollars and every weekend hiring mechanical, new tires, fuel. In the racing real I’m good, but economics will slows down a bit.

How to drive in the streets of Lima is a good workout?
I like driving, but I have not had good experiences in Lima. There are several beasts (laughter). I prefer to go to the kartódromo of Asia and run for about five sleeves. Driving in the tracks of Lima is not entertaining, the more I get nervous.