Posts of clowns and carnival in Fortnite: where are they? – Challenge 14 days of summer



Is already active the challenge of Fortnite on the eleventh day of the event 14 days of summer. On this occasion, the task to perform consists in finding posts of clowns carnivaland getting a score of 10 as a minimum. These challenges of Fortnite Battle Royale will only be available for two weeks from the Season 9 the Pass Battle, and thus we encourage you to complete them as soon as possible. In this section of our complete guideI can help you with the challenge “get a score of 10 or more in a set of clowns carnival“.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenge-14 days of summer: get a score of 10 or more in a set of clowns carnival

This challenge consists of to get a score of 10 or more in a set of clowns a carnival either. These mini-games are similar to the aplastatopos or whack-a-mole found in the same locations that the feasts of the beach:

fortnite battle royale challenges 14-day summer challenge gets a score of 10 or more in a set of clowns a carnival map

Locations of the festivities of the beach, at which there are stalls of clowns carnival

Once we are near one of these objects, we must get close enough to them as to us to appear the option to interact to activate them. This is done, we should just hold a while the button or key corresponding, in function of the platform on which to play Fortnite. This will start the minigame, which consists in blowing up balloons by beating them with the spike. The colorful balloons come out for holes randomly because of clowns; our goal is to exploit a minimum of ten in any position.

As always, we have a challenge of this type between the hands, I recommend you to play to Fray of Teams. In this game mode, there are respawns, so that, if for some reason you die in the game, you will appear in the same and you will be able to turn towards the position of clowns and carnival nearest to you. Bear in mind that near these places there will be many other players who also want to complete the challenge, so be prepared for the battle.

Bear also in mind that you can use the Assistance group if you cost to complete this challenge. In this way, if you’re playing with friends in the same group, and any one of them about to a rocket and launch it, your overall progress will increase.

By completing this challenge of 14 days of summer, we get as a reward estela beach Balls. If we complete the 14 challenges of the event, desbloquearemos the accessory backpacking Smoothie.