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Google has a valuable tool that saves and remembers all your passwords for different web pages. When you log on to a particular site, through Google Chrome, the browser asks if you want to remember such a key, this function is called Google’s Smart Lock.

This is a platform where you stored all your credentials securely in your Google account and which you can use on multiple devices thanks to synchronization, and access to them from your smartphone or computer.

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How to access saved passwords

From your smartphone, enter to the main menu ‘Settings’. Scroll to the end of the list of options and tap ‘Google’, in this section you will be able to access ‘Smart Lock to passwords’. Once there, within the section on ‘saved Passwords’, click on the link ‘Google Account’,

This way you will enter the page of Google where are stored all your passwords and you will see the list of web sites in which you have saved your credentials, as well as have the capacity to manage them.

Here you can see the e-mail and password with which you accessed a given page, in addition to being able to edit the data and update them or delete the account for that Google don’t remember it.

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In case you want to disable this feature and avoid saving the passwords in to your Google account, log in again to the same path from Settings, and uncheck the box ‘Smart Lock to passwords’.

What is Google Smart Lock

In the video below discover all you need to know about Google’s Smart Lock, a feature that came to Android from the update to Lollipop.