So does the air strike, the last object of Fortnite


Fortnite continues to create objects that completely change the metagame that we currently find in our battles. From Epic Games, have been shown to have an imagination is infinite, which is renewed each time you hit a new patch.

We have seen true madness from which was born the game, and each week that passes it over a little more. On this occasion, they have returned to surprise all the players with their latest novelty, air attack.

Your name allows us to get an idea of how it works. A pot of smoke-colored throws and makes it a falling rain of missiles from above and, when it stops releasing smoke, the missiles appear after a short delay.

The missiles are generated at 120 meters above the pot smoke and selected as targets random points within a radius of 9 meters around the boat. Generated a total of 20 missiles.

Each missile has a blast radius of 3.5 meters, and inflicts 75 damage to players and 200 damage to structures. You can find in the loot of soil, chests, deliveries of supplies, vending machines, and flames. The maximum size of accumulation is 2 units and has variant legendary.

Now there is to wait for the players to try this object to view its operation. For the moment, it seems like a good tool for end structures and with enemies that are already entrenched in some area of the map.

The problem is that the explosive weapons tend not to be very well-received by the professionals. In addition, the randomness of the impact zone of the missiles makes this object even more random, something that often does not square very well with the thoughts of more experienced players.

They have also introduced changes to other weapons and objectsbut this should not change too much of their operation.