The 10 things that they hate the players of Fortnite


Almost all of us like Fortnite, but surely there are a number of things that we would like to change or that does not happen again, and they are the ones that you listed below.

Fortnite it is a title of success and has managed to gather millions of players around the world, however there are a number of features, weapons, and added that the players hate it, and you ask Epic Games withdraw or change. Many of these features hated in Fortnite work well, but for one or another reason, do not like to the public and that should be taken into account.

Then we will let you know 10 things I hate players Fortniteto see if you, too, are within the same equation.

Goodbye to the shotgun, sliding in season 9


Well, yes, one of the bad news on the premiere of season 9 was the goodbye to the shotgun sliding during seasons he has been accompanying. In its place has included a combat shotgun that is not bad, but it is not suitable for combat at short distance. So the players are devising to use the combat shotgun in similar circumstances to the log, but it seems that the season of futuristic season 9 has no place for the shotgun classic.

How to properly use the combat shotgun in Fortnite season 9

The Blade of infinity was too much infinite (power)


The Infinity Blade was one of those legendary weapons that lasted for what he wanted the community of players (and it was rather little). They tried to a sword with a few features so far superior that made the player almost invincible, which unleashed the wrath of the community. At the end, after pressure from the public, Epic Games decided to withdraw the weapon, although who knows if he will return in the future.

Epic Games removed the Blade from the Infinity of Fortnite Battle Royale

Goodbye to the extra materials to make deletions


An aspect that was criticized was when the Epic Games decided to leave to reward them with extra material and more health when you did the deletions. The reason given by the company in that time is that the player devoted less time to other tasks such as the collection, given that when you do deletions is not already invested time in to gather resources and fill the life bar

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The bugs continued


As one thing feature in Fortnite are the bugs and glitches that are found in every one of the updates. This means that we have to suffer some “hotfixes” or small updates to fix things that don’t work well at all after throwing a updates that include new content. It is for this reason that players of Fortnite doesn’t like the amount of bugs and glitches that can be found regularly, given that they can even be used to win players are less noble.

The bugs of Fortnite more absurd and funny

The rewards of the pass of battle of payment


While there are dozens of rewards for those who have the pass of battle of payment, you could say that getting to level 100 is not worth very much worth. If you can unlock any skin that is very cool, many players agree that neither deserve so much worth spending hours and hours at the 100-level.

There are some rewards of the pass of battle of payment that it is well worth as Turkeys free, songs, or some skins, but unfortunately maybe the last few levels either give us rewards that are as flashy as we would like.

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The boloncho


The truth that the vehicle boloncho is fun and very valid in the games, but in the last circle becomes too disproportionate, and so is protesting a large part of the community. A vehicle with which you can go to a lot of speed, swinging, crushing opponents and even have a shield of protection major… many are asking to remove the last circle.

Yes, it has been amended on several occasions now which makes it now easier to destroy and less-lethal… but even with all, an important part of the community is asking to be remove from the game forever.

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What happens with the jetpack


The jetpack Provided is one of the objects most controversial in the gamethat has come and gone in previous seasons (the ninth has not yet been ultilizado) and that in fact was removed from the game modes main due to the amount of errors that I had.

Once in a while appears a limited way where it can be used, but Epic Games continues without finding a perfect place for this kind of objects when they are present they do not cease to be surprised by your amount of errors.

Too many cheaters


They No longer appear cheaters and hackers who, with their traps, affecting millions of players every daysomething that bothers the rest of the gaming community. You can find other users with infinite life, where they are not affected by the shooting, with the possibility to kill you in a single blow, and Epic Games usually take quite long to finish baneándolos. It is clear that if in one of your games you end up having a hacker, you’re able to do to try and win.

The planes don’t fit

Complete time trials with a plane AlaTormenta X-4 in Fortnite

It was the added star of season 7, but finally had to leave. And is that thanks to the planes you could be to the circle to end without intervening simply circling in the sky. Also you could end up with the structures of the enemies with a simple ramming attack, attack any contrary without problems and, ultimately, to be able to win the game without much effort.

It lowered some of its features, such as not being able to pass through certain structures and be easier to shoot down… but even with these ended up convincing a significant part of the community. Yes, the planes were extremely fun, but also too powerful to have a game balanced.

Where I was (above) the plane AlaTormenta in Fortnite

Continuous updates and upgrades

Fortnite Summer Block Party

Usually, there are generally a couple of updates a week, both to include new content as well as to resolve certain failures, something that certainly can be annoying if you have an Internet connection that is not fiber-optic. It’s not fun when a player wants to play a game to Fortnite, but before you need to wait a good 15-20 minutes to install an updateafter you have downloaded and installed another a few days before.

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