The option of Screen Stretched could re-Fortnite soon


For those not so familiar with the termthe Screen is Stretched is basically to change your screen resolution from the common (16:9) to something like 4:3. To do so raises some key benefits for some players, as it increases the vertical field of vision and Fortnite could help in battles building to move to higher ground.

The other benefit that you have is related to the perception and causes the hitboxes, that is to say, the area of impact of the bullets on a player, to widen. However, in Fortnite this causes them to lose height, and therefore have the same total size in the screen common.

Even so, some prefer to screen more short and wide than the normal in which all the world currently play. The reason why this option was removed from the game is for the visual that creates, because it makes the game look a bit weird and Epic Games didn’t want the streamers and competitive events will be played in that version of the game.

Now, it seems that the resolution could come back to the game, as shared in the subforum of Reddit FortniteCompetitive, in which he received a response to a query, in which was an interesting phrase in this regard: “We suggest that you wait until the update of the Screen Stretched in PC to be activated.”

The letter, sent by Lex V as a response of Epic Games to a suggestion from the players, it is not the source of more official and reliable as possible, but it is striking that from Epic to recognize that there will be an update that will allow you to change the screen resolution again in Fortnite.

If it was a mistake or a slip of something that is working and should not be discussed is unknown. However, it is a good news for a large part of the players Fortnite expect to be able to modify again the game their way.