VIDEO: A ‘gamer’ of Fortnite attacking your partner pregnant in the middle of a live broadcast


The ‘gamer’ australian Luke James Munday has been convicted of assaulting his partner pregnant in the middle of a live transmission of Fortnite, according to reports Sydney Morning Herald.

On the 10th of December, Munday was playing the video game while broadcasting live when his partner, Grace Campbell, age 21, asked him to stop and out to dinner with the family. However, the man refused and continued playing, to what the young man reacted by pulling several objects against him and his computer. At that time, Munday slapped her in the face and threw her to the ground. On the transmission you can hear the sound of the blow and the crying of the woman. Their other two children, three years and 20 months of age, were also in the house at those times.

Munday was detained when other players reported the assault to the Police.

“The defendant showed remorse for his actions during the interrogation, stating that he was aware that his actions were inappropriate and that he did what he must not do,” reads the text of the police report. The final judgment of the case was adjourned until August 26.

For his part, the young man was also charged for domestic violence. “The woman allegedly assaulted the man, and he was slightly injured,” said the Police.