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WhatsApp continues to enjoy great popularity among the people at the time of wanting to get in touch with someone to tell something like a story, to congratulate him for getting a job, to call him for his birthday, among other things.

Each time it’s updated WhatsApp, the company that now belongs to Facebook continues to improve its chat platform by adding various useful functions for users.

It is for this reason that the messaging application to quickly add, in the remainder of 2019, a series of 5 tools that will improve the communication of people with other.

In the first place are the stickers animated. Are those who have already seen it in Facebook Messenger and, unlike those found in WhatsApp, these stickers are moved.

Another feature that is coming soon is to add contacts without having their number. They just scan your QR WhatsAppboth people can chat without the need to ask for the phone number. Something quick and easy.

On the other hand, it also speaks of the dark mode. This function already takes a lot of time being expected by the users. And is that with this app not only aims to improve the display of the chats to the people, but also to save energy.

Although this tool is already in the iPhone, WhatsApp it will also improve your security system by providing users with you unlock their conversations using just their fingerprint. This will prevent fisgoneen your chats.

Finally the possibility of using the application of quick messaging on Apple devices, as is the case of the tablets. Although this tool is disabled at the moment.