When Fortnite distributes more money than Wimbledon


War for handing out the biggest prize in esports has reached its peak in 2019. A few months ago we learned that the world of Fortnite would split $ 30 million at the end of July, a figure that was far above the rest of rivals in the e-sports.

After spending 10 qualifiers, the participants of the event in New York city have guaranteed a minimum prize of 50 000 dollars, amount generous to the pockets of any mortal but insignificant compared with that which will pocket the winner: $ 3 million. By comparison, the carried the salad bowl to Wimbledon next Sunday will increase its current account 2.9 million.

Some professional players are millionaires

Do you have any tennis player will hang the racquet by the mouse? Maybe when they find out that the game of Epic Games is not an isolated case. The International has for many years been the king Midas of electronic sports and you don’t want a battle royale newcomer will take the throne. The largest tournament of Dota 2 of the year financed their millionaire prizes through the sale of items in the game itself, and this issue has already raised an amount greater than the 2018.

More than a month is held, the event in Shanghai has more than 25 million dollars, a figure which still may increase with capital injections of Valve and with packs of content special. The company put on sale a few weeks ago a DLC valued at $ 120 for just a quarter of that value, what drove the stock exchange awards in four million dollars in just a few days.

They say that money does not bring happiness, but that gives a feeling so similar that it takes a specialist to differentiate it. In any case, know that the winner of the world of Fortnite gets a prize five times higher than the cyclist’s fastest Tour de France, it makes us consider if it’s worth it to keep going out to train with the bike. Or maybe it’s not.