Where are the posts of a Clown for Carnival in Fortnite


The challenge of the 11th day of the event 14 Days of Fortnite is active in the game and the players must find jobs as a Clown, a Carnival and play his mini-game to get a score of 10 or greater and, that way, to be able to complete the challenge and get your reward.

Here is a map of the locations of the positions of the Clown Carnival. Basically, lyou’ll find at any beach party map, which were added for the current event. You just need to go to a to obtain the score and complete the challenge, so the choice is yours.

To complete the challenge you’ll have to activate the mini-game. When you do this, the balloons inflate in the holes in the post and you’ll have to hit them while going out, before they manage to inflate completely. When you collect 10 points you will be able to complete the challenge.

The reward for completing the challenge will be the next wake, that you’ll be able to equip yourself to that beach balls are flying while you fall of the bus.

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