AirPods 3: Apple Would Release A Waterproof Model This Year


In March, Apple renewed its true wireless headphones, the AirPods, without revolutionizing the object. The design remains the same, but the AirPods 2 now includes an H1 chip that allows among other things to activate Siri directly to the voice from the headphones without having to go through his iPhone and increase the autonomy during calls (from two to three hours). The biggest change finally comes from their case, now compatible with wireless charging Qi.

In a report from analyst firm Wedbush seen by 9to5Mac, there is the talk of a new generation coming soon. These AirPods 3 would bring the real improvements expected by fans until then.

New design and waterproof

According to this source, the next AirPods would change their design, at least in their design. This would allow them to be water resistant, which is not the case today. This is great news for all athletes who fear that their sweat or rainy training will end up damaging their headphones in the long run.

Several rumors about water-resistant “AirPods Pro” have already been mentioned in the past, giving a little more credit to this analysis.

Price increase

According to Wedbush, the AirPods 3 would be expected by the end of the year. We can hope that they will be presented in September alongside the next iPhone.

This new iteration would nevertheless be accompanied by a price increase, but no order of magnitude is specified. Currently, the call price of AirPods is ($159 or $199 with the wireless charging case).