Announced Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo finally announced the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This is the official name of the exclusively portable and cheaper version of the popular hybrid that has been rumored for months.

Nintendo officially confirmed that Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive on September 20 and will cost €199.

The Switch Lite will be presented in three different colors and since it was designed exclusively for portable mode, will not present an HDMI input and will not be accompanied by a dock.

Nintendo will also include a carry case and screen protector.

Something that stands out right away is the presence of a true D-pad in Switch Lite.

The new version of the console has received several refinements and this is one of the main, but on the other hand, the console will not feature one of the most popular features – the HD Rumble.

With the new non-removable controls, Nintendo has removed the Rumble HD and this functionality will remain exclusive to the original model.

For those who want to wait a few more weeks, Nintendo has announced a special limited edition alluding to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

This Nintendo Switch Lite will cost the same € 199 and will come with exclusive color and will be adorned with illustrations of Zacian and Zamacenta – the legendary of the new games.

This Switch Lite Zacian and Zamacenta will arrive on November 8, so you are prepared for the arrival of the games.

As expected, this Switch Lite is compatible with all Switch games compatible with portable mode.