Can Super Monkey Ball Be Back?


The Internet is in turmoil with the possible arrival of a new game of the popular Super Monkey Ball saga (the last game for consoles was released at Vita in 2012).

The game appeared on the Taiwan leaderboard for Switch, PS4 and PC. It is speculated that the same will have food as thematic since translating the names that appear on the page you get something like Now Taste Good! Super Monkey Ball and The food is great! Super Monkey Ball (listings have no English name).

Of course, it is not yet known if it is an entirely new game, a remaster or remake of a previous game. However, it is worth mentioning that in May, Sega registered a trademark related to Super Monkey Ball in Japan which together with these listings give more weight to the existence of this game.

Would you like the Super Monkey Ball saga to be resurrected?