Child Plays Fortnite To Raise Money For Sick Father With Cancer


ZylTV is a young man who decided to start streaming Fortnite with a truly altruistic purpose – to help pay for the treatment of the father who was diagnosed with cancer.

It all started in July when the young man started broadcasting his live games every day for more than 10 hours to raise funds that could cover his father’s medical expenses.

ZylTV’s father was diagnosed with Stage III cancer and spectator solidarity allowed more than $13,000 to be raised.

On top of all this, the boy still managed to gather almost 20,000 followers in the Twitch and two big names in the Fortnite community, Xxif and Ronaldo, decided to take ZylTV and his father to New York to visit the Fortnite World Championship, something recorded in the following video that became viral.

Given the whole wave of criticism that involves Fortnite, it is good to see something really good emerging from all this.