Dr. Mario World Is Now Available For Free On iOS And Android


The new incursion of Nintendo in mobile devices comes for free to everybody with puzzles, puzzles and a multitude of challenges.

Dr. Mario World is already a reality in the App Store and Google Play. IOS and Android players can download from this July 10 for free the new free to play of Nintendo, a new iteration in the traditional puzzle and puzzle saga adapted to the vertical tactile interface of smartphones and dozens of available levels.

As in any delivery of the franchise, we will have to make use of the capsules to eliminate the bacteria with which we share color both horizontally and vertically. Having limited movement, we will have to draw a strategy to clean the panels of bacteria before we run out of shifts; It will be then when we can continue through the micropayments, included in the game with different prices and modalities.

In addition to Dr. Mario other characters are included. Each doctor and each assistant has their own techniques or skills; Let it be known, Dr. Peach and Dr. Bowser, among others. On the other hand, Goomba, Koopa or Buzzy Beetle can put their skills at our disposal if we hire them as assistants. Nintendo mentions “hundreds” of available phases spread across different worlds, content that will be expanded over time.

Dr. Mario World also includes direct and indirect multiplayer mode. From the sending of hearts to our friends for the adventure mode to the sharing of progress through competitive challenges to other players in face-to-face encounters through the dual mode.

The game requires iOS 11.0 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) in the case of Apple. On Android, it requires Android 4.4 or later. In both operating systems it is completely translated into Spanish.

Regarding microtransactions, purchase products integrated into the application have prices ranging from 2.29 euros to 74.99 euros per item.