Nintendo Celebrates 2 Million Levels Created In Super Mario Maker 2

You Can Only Play Super Mario Maker 2 Online with Strangers

It’s been a little over a week since Super Mario Maker 2 was released but it looks like the players cannot seem to let go of the sequel to the level creator for the Nintendo Switch.

According to a post posted on the Twitter account of Nintendo of America, 2 million levels have already been created in Super Mario Maker 2, which can now be played by all users of the game thanks to the tool to share, search and download.

“Thanks to all of you, Super Mario Maker 2 has already reached two million levels! We hope everyone continues to create and share their dream levels!”

It is worth remembering that the game has been a worldwide sales success, which explains this huge amount of levels in so few days. Of course, not everyone will have a good design, but it is still a milestone for the game and for Nintendo.

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