Pokémon Go Has Generated $2.65 Billion Since Its Release

Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go may not currently have the same strength as when it was released but one thing is certain – the Niantic game has made megalomaniac profits since its release!

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, it has been speculated that since the launch of Pokémon Go three years ago, it has generated $2.65 billion in profit.

To get a better idea of ​​these values, this would mean that on average players spent $2.4 million a day on Pokemon Go. Or $5 for each of the application’s 521 million downloads.

As for the areas of the world that contributed most to these figures, the US is first with $ 928 million spent on the game (corresponding to 35% of the total). Second and not far away we have Japan, with 779 million dollars spent (29%) and Germany with 159 million (6%).

Sensor Tower data also notes that $1.43 billion of this profit comes from Google Play, followed by $1.22 billion of iOS devices, with special emphasis on iPhones.

Continuing this trend, it is estimated that the game reaches the mark of 3 billion dollars at the end of the year.