Red Dead Online And It’s New Browser Package: Awards And Rewards


The online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 is updated in the middle of summer with its ration of weekly news; this time with new daily challenges.

Rockstar has unveiled the wave of new content and challenges that come to Red Dead Online. From this July 10 and until July 16, users of Red Dead Redemption 2 online multiplayer mode who complete a total of 10 daily challenges will receive the new browser product package.

This is the new browser pack for Red Dead Online

The new browser package will include useful items such as 60 poisoned arrows, 100 cartridges for Varmint rifles, 5 cans of Jolly Jack’s and more. It also includes useful herbs, such as thyme, wild mint and oregano (to enhance the Dead Eye, health and endurance).

They can be cooked with prime beef or tender pig meat (included in the package) to prepare dishes that give us a golden core for a while. They will also receive live crickets and live worms to fish together with the 5 cans of Jolly Jack’s (restore the Dead Eye).

On the other hand, the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson and Co. receives new items such as the Durham coat in red and offers for a limited time as the field hat.

The editor reminds that players who have pending to link their Social Club account with Twitch Prime can still do so (until July 19) and receive changes 300 RDO $ next to the batch of top ammunition, with more weekly bonuses soon. This is what the top ammunition lot includes:

  • Explosive arrows (x30)
  • Incendiary pellets (x60)
  • Unstable incendiary bottles (x30)
  • Quick ammo for pistol (x200)
  • Rapid ammunition for revolver (x200)
  • Rapid ammunition for repeater weapon (x200)
  • Quick ammunition for rifle (x200)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PS4 and Xbox One. All game users can access Red Dead Online for free. In this article, we review how Red Dead Online is trying to gain ground after some complex starts during its beta phase, all with the aim of matching its success to its equivalent in Grand Theft Auto V with GTA Online.