Apex Legends: July 16 Release Notes – Fixes, Havoc And More

Apex Legends

Respawn released on Tuesday, July 16 a patch for Apex Legends that fixes a variety of bugs, explosions and crashes affecting the game on all platforms.

The developers announced on Reddit that a patch was being rolled out for all platforms targeting a multitude of issues that players complain about.

One thing, in particular, has not yet been addressed: the Code Leaf error that has been rampant in the game since the launch of Season 2.

This patch contains no new content, it only targets persistent problems related to the game’s operation for players.

Respawn still has some work to do with the multitude of bugs in the game that can be found in their Trello page here. Thus, even though a number of important problems have been solved, there are still some.

Apex Legends tends to have no weekly updates, unlike games like Fortnite. Players must rely on Respawn to keep up to date with small updates.

Today’s little patch covers a lot of issues that will be thrilling for a lot of players because they improve the game for everyone.

One of the bugs that have been fixed is the one that allowed the Havoc to light up and fire without being fully charged. Reddit users have repeatedly pointed to this problem.

Here is the list of patches:

  • Fixed issue where Lifeline’s DOC “Shock Finisher” preview video did not work when viewed from the menu
  • Fixed an overflow problem on the stats page.
  • Fixed some crash cases related to game, client and script errors.
  • Fixed cases where players were placed in non-optimal data centers.
  • Season 1 stats have been temporarily removed because we are working on some issues with it.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to unlock the level 94 Battle Pass reward before reaching it [Octane’s loading screen].
  • Fixed the bug exploit where the HAVOC could fire fully automatically without having to load.
  • Fixed some cases where the Care Package mixed with the textures of the map.