Modern Warfare: The Game Will Have Three Types Of Killstreaks, Including Streaks Specialists

Call of Duty- Modern Warfare Gets Release Date

It seems that Streaks Specialists are back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, according to new information recently disclosed.

A few months before the release of the highly anticipated Modern Warfare, the community is very animated and continues to panic for new details on the multiplayer side of the game.

However, the global revelation of the multiplayer mode is only scheduled for August 1, which means that players have to wait before learning more about the game.

YouTuber ‘ TheGamingRevolution ‘, which has emerged as one of Modern Warfare’s best leak experts, has recently announced new and upcoming changes to Modern Warfare.
His last leak was released on July 16 and was about the return of the Streaks Specialists: “The Streaks Specialists are back, big changes are happening, guys.”

Streaks Specialists were introduced for the first time in Modern Warfare 3, then in Ghosts, adding another dimension to unlocking bonus points in the multiplayer mode.

Unlike traditional point series, Streaks Specialists reward players with additional benefits, each time they accumulate a number of consecutive points without dying.

Players who have reached the maximum number of consecutive points unlock all assets during the game, which gives them a considerable advantage over opponents.

That being said, the Specialist Points series will apparently not be the only form of streaks in Modern Warfare.

According to the YouTuber, the game will also feature both a series of points and a series of casualties, giving players three different sets of items to unlock during matches.

Of course, there is currently no way to know if this information disclosed by the YouTUBeur, are legitimate or truthful, but it must still be noted that TheGamingRevolution has gained some credibility in the community, after having correctly revealed the existence of 2v2 Gunfight mode presented later by Infinity Ward.

In recent weeks, he has published a lot of information about MW, such as the list of potential assets, the series of victims, the modes in competition, and also the number of cards and weapons.