V9.40 Update Fortnite – Patch Full Note English


Check out the patch notes from the recent update 9.40 on Fortnite Battle Royale, which has just brought the epic and legendary tactical shotgun to the game.



Epic and Legendary Tactical Shotgun Tactical
Shotgun gets a makeover! Check out its all-new epic and legendary variants right now!


  • Addition of epic and legendary tactical shotgun.
    • 83/87 damage maximum.
    • 1.5 shots per second.
    • Contains 8 cartridges.
    • Multiplier of damage to the head of 2,25.
    • Found in loot, chests, supplies, loot transporters and vending machines.
  • The zoom of the semi-auto sniper rifle bezel has been reduced.
    • This is a change in the quality of life to improve the ergonomics and feel of this weapon.
  • Changes to the war pump rifle.
    • Reduced damage multiplier at the head from 1.7 to 1.5.
    • Reduced long-range effectiveness of the war pump gun.
      • Reduction of damage reduction curves as a function of distance:
        • 2.44 square (unchanged)
        • From 4.88 square to 4.39 square.
        • From 9.77 square to 6.84 square.
        • From 19.53 squares to 11.72 squares.
    • After the recent changes in distance damage, we decided to reduce the long-range efficiency of this shotgun, as well as to change the curve to look more like other shotguns, while retaining its uniqueness.
  • Removed weapons
    • Shotgun sniper rifle with silent
      • Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Reintroduced weapons
    • Shotgun sniper rifle
      • Variations rare, epic and legendary.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed damage reduction on the drum pump rifle decoration based on distance.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the springboard from being destroyed by the pickaxe.


  • Now, picking up an item that fills the slot dedicated to it and creates a surplus will no longer force the player to drop the item he or she has equipped.
    • Rather than dropping the equipped object completely, the surplus will fall to the ground.
  • Players now automatically pick up a single-use item if they have a copy in their inventory and the slot is not full.
    • If the automatic pickup fills the location, the surplus will fall to the ground.
  • A new glider and a new collection tool were offered to players with the Save the World Founder Pack.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the loot carrier chest was invisible once the loot carrier was shot by the players.
  • Loot carriers are no longer stationary after being stuck for too long.
  • “Reverse Airplane Controls (Keyboard)” has been changed to “Reverse Air Controls (Keyboard)” in the options menu to clarify the fact that land vehicles that are in the air have inverted controls.
  • Fixed a rare problem where the damage displayed was rounded down for some shotguns.
  • Door plans now display correctly when players build them.
  • Players can now pick up items more easily when they stand on it.
  • Foot Controllers now properly allow players to change weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the bushes prevented players from being healed by a brave spinner.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the Dark Bomb was active longer than expected if the player entered a vehicle while under this effect.
  • The brave spinner now automatically moves to the rightmost inventory slot, like other single-use items.
  • Fixed an issue where players were hovering very slowly after using a ready flaw.
  • Single-use items associated with a bar (such as shield potions, healing kits, etc.) can now be properly used while the player is using a zip line.
  • Fixed a rare problem where dark bombs prevented bounces on the wall from certain angles.
  • Players can no longer bounce on cornfields when under the influence of a dark bomb.
  • Players can no longer bounce from an aerial wake when under the effect of a dark bomb.
  • Fixed an issue where the rings of Decryption Chips 4, 67, 70, and 89 did not appear, even if the player was wearing the correct cosmetic item.
  • To prevent players from abusing the Ultra dab emote, a reuse delay has been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects of shield damage were too big and blocked the view.
  • Compatibility improvements with the foot controller
    • Now uses dead zones and maximum limits for order registration.
    • Improved control of the quad bike.


  • New tournament: Xbox Cup (July 20 and 21), with $ 1,000,000 cashprize at the end!
    • Solo game mode.
    • This tournament is open to all players on Xbox One, you do not need to be ranked in a particular division of the Arena.
    • Cash prize will be distributed among all server regions. The rules and details will be published within the week. For exact schedules, go to the Competition tab of the game.
    • Format:
      • July 20 – Round 1: all eligible players
      • July 21 – Round 2: The 1500 best players of the heat 1
  • New Tournament: Cash section (July 21st), with $ 1,000,000 cash prize!
    • Game mode in sections.
    • To participate in this event, players must have reached the Arena Champion League before the start of the event.
    • Cash prize will be distributed among all server regions. The rules and details will be published within the week. For exact schedules, go to the Competition tab of the game.
    • Format:
      • Tournament in one day – July 21st
        • Channel 1: all eligible players
        • Channel 2: The 100 best sections of the heat 1
  • Players can now choose a flag to display on their career profile.
    • This flag can be selected and modified from the player’s profile.
    • After changing or selecting their flag, players will not be able to change their flag before 30 days.
    • The flag of a player is visible to the players who visit his profile, as well as in the rankings of tournaments.
    • For teams of two or more players, the flag chosen by the majority of the team will be displayed. If there is no majority, the flag on the globe will be displayed.
    • At launch, 37 flags will be available. Any flag addition in the future will be announced during updates.


  • Improved server performance for ziplines.
  • Improved customer performance for the brave gourd.
  • Optimization of the appearance of picks to reduce the chances of loading errors during the initial free fall.


  • Improved consistency of enemy footsteps. In addition, the volume reduction by distance is now logarithmic so that the sound drops more naturally.
  • Reduction of the volume of several sounds:
    • Explosion of the spur of the brave.
    • Explosion of the grenade launcher nearby.
    • Ambient whirring of the platforms of the air wake.
  • Adding a sound layer for impact noises against a wall during close-quarters fighting to signal that an enemy is pulling on the opposite side of the structure next to which you are.

Bug fixes

  • Ball impacts against wood/stone/metal structures are no longer silent on mobile and switch.
  • The grip sound of the revolver is no longer quiet on mobile and Switch.


  • Updates of the main menu and the social panel:
    • The action that usually appears either the main menu or the social panel will now show both at the same time, whether in the living room or in a party.
    • A third tab has been added to the social panel. It contains the functions related to voice chat.
    • The main menu and the top bar have a new appearance.


  • Added a new Tactile Edit Structure option to enable or disable touch editing (default: on).
  • Bluetooth microphones are now compatible with voice chat.
  • The emote wheel buttons are now bigger.

Bug fixes

  • Air Strike shots no longer create large polygonal contours.
  • Fixed an issue where war and heavy shotguns were not shooting properly when auto fire was selected.
  • Fixed a voice chat issue when the player joined another player’s group.
  • The trunk of Neo Tilted’s hotel now opens properly.
  • Now, watching a live game from a mobile will display the viewer interface.
  • Fixed an issue where players remained logged into their account after closing the game.
  • The wallet now appears correctly on the Refund (All Times) screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Show Help” button was displayed during a game if it was left open during the warm-up phase.
  • The text “Tournament Region” in the Competition tab is now bigger.
  • The outline of the map marker ATH is no longer displayed while in the battle bus.
  • The outline of the emotes ATH is now only displayed in vehicles that allow the use of emotes.
  • Players can now spin cosmetic items with a touchpad.
  • Equipping a revolver now triggers the good visual effects.
  • Graphic enhancement of the Colora outfit when the Lama Bell emote is cast.
  • The Storm Eye Glider and the Power Collection Tool now display good visual effects.
  • Graphic improvement of the Elytre dress.
  • Graphic improvement of the trail Electric garlands.
  • The Lantern Trail now appears correctly in the game.

Source: Epic Game