A Fighting Bus in the Colors of the Fortnite World Cup Has Been Discovered


Data miners have just discovered that a special combat bus will be honored for the Fortnite World Cup.

The Fortnite World Cup festivities will begin on July 26 and will bring cosmetic items and features into play to the delight of fans. In a new leak, data miners have discovered that a special World Cup fight bus will arrive next weekend.

In the run-up to the Fortnite World Cup finals, Epic Games is setting up an arsenal of exclusive event content. In a leak of update 9.40 on July 17, data miners have already discovered two skins and a back accessory for the Fortnite World Cup.

Now we have more information on what we can expect. The fight bus seems to be getting a makeover of its appearance. It seems that Epic Games will do everything in its power to promote the Fortnite World Cup in the coming weeks.

” The World Cup fight bus in play”

As we mentioned briefly earlier, Epic does not just want to update the combat bus. Players will have the chance to receive or purchase (not yet clear) Fortnite World Cup cosmetics. At the moment, we know that there will be a Poiscaille (male) & Ramirez (woman) outfit for the event as well as a cape with the World Cup logo.