A Second Weapon “Pay-To-Win” Has Been Added in Black Ops 4


The developers of  Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch, were accused of making the same mistake again with a new pay-to-win weapon, adding a seemingly “overkill” crossbow accessible by paying cash.

If you’re a regular Black Ops 4 player, this story might look like a déjà vu, because in June,  Treyarch had to get rid of another weapon, the Stingray.

The players lamented its incredible damage, especially with the mod operator, which had the effect of defeating an opponent in only two shots.

It seems that the developers have not yet learned from their mistakes, because the latest addition to the game is again a weapon that can be acquired only by the chance of opening a box.

On July 16, a player posted a video of the new “Reaver C86” crossbow in action, demonstrating that it would destroy the robot in Safeguard mode, in just a few seconds – much faster than any other weapon can.

The fan has posted ” The Reaver C86 crossbow destroys the Safeguard robot IF QUICKLY … literally, it’s game-changing! “
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Other players are clearly in agreement, users remembering the previous episode with the Stingray: ” They made exactly the same error with the Stingray.  The only weapon obtainable in the crates is overkill. “

Another wrote ” You have finally solved this problem on the Stingray after a month and now you are doing the same thing a week later … Treyarch is just incompetent. “

Treyarch responds to complaints about the Reaver C86

Fortunately, a Treyarch developer was on hand to acknowledge the receipt of the message, thanking another user for tagging it in the Reddit feed.

However, the developer did not specify if the weapon’s balancing issues would be resolved.